Top 5 Tips to Grow Hair Faster

Most of us have gone through this; we wish for a new hairstyle, get a haircut, and lo! The hair refuses to grow even after weeks. It dampens the spirits further when you want to grow hair faster but you're facing issues like hair loss, split ends, or dandruff.

While employing the right strategies and products may promote healthy hair growth, these steps are no magic wand to give you instant results. It demands time and patience to grow the shiny and healthy locks that you forever longed for. There are ways to take care of your hair to make it grow faster, but here we are focusing on the top five essential tips that may help your hair grow faster.

Know Hair Growth Barriers

Before we step ahead, we must learn what obstacles are in the way of getting lengthy and healthy hair. The most common barriers are:

Hair Loss: Hair loss is an awful condition faced by both men and women of all ages and colors. There are several causes of hair loss, like hereditary factors, hormone disorders, medications, nutritional deficiencies, pollution, and changes in location or environment.

Dandruff: In Ayurveda, dandruff is called Darunaka and is considered a mild disease or Kshudra Rog. The Vata and Kapha dosha imbalance causes Darunaka. It is a flaky skin condition of the scalp that also causes itching.

Hormones: Hormones are closely related to hair growth. Changes in hormone levels especially in women during pregnancy or menopause may cause hair loss.

Medical Conditions: Thyroid disorder, alopecia, or skin infections can impede hair growth.

Genetics: Genetic factor is something challenging when it comes to hair growth. If balding and hair thinning run in your family, you may be susceptible to the same.

These barriers need to be overcome to grow hair faster.

Top 5 Tips to Grow Hair Faster

  1. Add an Herbal Hair gel to Your Hair Care Routine

    Hair gel enriched with herbal ingredients nourish the scalp and hair follicles and reduce hair breakage, which is essential for hair growth. Ayurveda stresses using natural herbs and oils to maintain and improve hair health without any side effects. Hair gel when applied to the scalp boosts blood circulation. A few gel can be left overnight on the scalp, aiding in deeper diffusion, nourishing the hair follicles, aiding hair strengthening, and activating hair growth.

    Ingredients like Amla, Brahmi, Bhringraj, and Jatamansi are natural hair growth promoters. Hair gel with these ingredients adds a protective layer to your hair, preventing split ends and breakage, promoting a healthier scalp, and gradually leading to longer hair.

  2. Get Hair Fall therapy with Ayurveda

    Ayurveda terms hair fall as Khatilya and it is referred to as a mild disease of the head or Shiroroga, and finds mention in almost all Ayurvedic texts.

    Ayurvedic hair fall therapy includes hair masks, hair oil massage, Shirodhara, and nasya. Hair masks like Hair Growth Promoter contain herbal ingredients and essential oils that help put an end to hair fall naturally. Hair oil massage improves blood circulation, conditions hair roots and shafts, and reduces stress, the common cause of hair fall. Hair oils with Brahmi, Bhringraj, amla, ashwagandha, onion seeds, and fenugreek strengthen hair follicles, reduce hair fall, fight dandruff and infections, enhance hair texture, promote relaxation, and stimulate hair growth.

  3. Fight dandruff with herbal remedies

    Dandruff or seborrheic dermatitis can be a major hassle in hair growth, as it blocks the hair follicles and also causes scalp itching. To make a favorable environment for hair growth it is essential to treat dandruff. Darunka, in Ayurveda, is treated with Shiroabhyanga. Herbs like neem, fenugreek seeds, lemon, aloe vera, and coconut oil are regarded to be effective in treating dandruff. They keep the scalp clean and free of flakes with reduced inflammation and itching, promoting healthy hair growth.

  4. Practice a Healthy Hair Care Routine

    An organized hair care routine assures that your hair and scalp are always in perfect condition for growth.

    • Get your hair trimmed to chuck out split ends. Trimming regularly prevents hair breakage.
    • Try not to style your hair in a way that damages hair roots, i.e. using heat styling, tight hairstyles, and rigorous hair brushing.
    • Use herbal hair care products like herbal shampoos, herbal hair gel, and herbal hair oils to keep your hair safe from the side effects of harsh chemicals.
    • Protect your hair from pollution and harsh weather by covering your hair with a scarf or hat.
  5. Don't forget Nutritious Diet

    Eating a healthy and balanced diet that is rich in minerals, vitamins, and proteins is essential for overall health including hair health. If your medical expert suggests taking supplements for hair growth like vitamin D or omega-3, consider them.


Growing hair faster requires one to follow some strategies and use reliable products rather than just waiting for your hair to grow on its own. Adding herbal hair gel with hair growth promoter herbs, addressing hair issues like dandruff, you can improve your hair health and grow hair faster enormously given that you don't have any other medical or genetic problem directly affecting hair health.