Remember Rapunzel, the princess with beautiful long tresses? Who doesn't dream to be like her?

How to Stop Receding Hairline? Try Hair Gel | Hair Growth Pro

Hair is the second physical attribute, the first being the eyes, which we notice first in a person. A head full of hair not only enhances one's personality but also uplifts one's confidence. When a simple bad hair day affects our mood so badly, what if faced with hair loss or receding hairline?

Hair loss is a widespread issue that affects individuals of various ages and genders. According to statistics on hair loss, nearly35 million men and 21 million women experience this problem. While the causes may vary, the issue is prevalent. Hair thinning represents the initial stage of hair loss, and addressing it during this early phase can help prevent further hair loss.

Shedding 50 to 100 hair daily is considered normal, but exceeding this range should be a cause for concern as it may indicate the onset of hair thinning. The pattern of hair loss varies significantly between men and women. Men typically experience a receding hairline from the top of their head or crown, while women tend to lose hair from their scalp, resulting in decreased hair density and a widening of the hair part.

What Causes Hair Fall?

  • Vitamin Deficiency: Lack of essential vitamins in diet.
  • Hereditary: Family genes affect men and women equally. If your family carries overa gene that affects hair follicles, it most likely results in loss of hair and baldness in the next generations.
  • Age: The hair growth declines with advancing age.
  • Diet: Dietary imbalances, lack of protein in diet.
  • Environmental: Pollution, dust, heat, direct exposure to sunlight.
  • Sleep pattern: Keeping awake late at night.
  • Stress: Stress from work, study, or any other.

What are the Remedies?

Ayurveda, the science of life, has remedies for nearly all physiological and psychological health diseases and disorders. Being one of the ancient Indian medical systems, herbal medicines are without exception trusted by all. There is an array of herbs known for theirmedicinalproperties beneficial in treating various ailmentsand that includescures for hair loss and other hair-related problems.

Herbs That Do Wonders

Bhringraj or Eclipta Alba is a conventional Ayurvedic herb that promotes blood circulation to the head and scalp thereby enhancing hair growth. It is rich in vitamins and protein, and repairs damaged hair and roots.

Jatamansi also known as Spikenard is used to treat neuropsychic and skin disorders. Jatamansi oil balances Tridoshas (vata, pitta, kapha). Jatamansi is a natural hair colorant. It arrests premature greying of hair and delays the degeneration of hair.

Paras Pipal, scientifically known as Thespesia populnea, possesses antiseptic and antimicrobic characteristics that can help prevent the occurrence of dandruff in hair.

A composition of these herbal ingredients based on Ayurvedic formulae - Hair Growth Pro -offers a panacea to almost all hair-related problems viz dandruff, hair dryness, split ends, hair fall, hair loss, thinning of hair and receding hairline.

Ignorance is by no means a bliss when it comes to hair fall treatments.Right hair care products, a balanced diet, and proper sleep do not merely reduce hair fall and stop receding hairline but also help in the regrowth of new strands of hair naturally.

Hair like Rapunzel is not a far dream with Hair Growth Pro.