"Life is too short to have boring hair," why get stuck to the same boring hair that's frizzy, brittle, and keeps breaking whenever you try to style it?

How to Improve Hair Texture with Ayurveda?

Hair doesn't just add to your beauty but mirrors your health. Healthy hair is soft, lustrous, and lively. When pollution, tension, lack of nutrition, and poor hair care batter the hair, it becomes limp, lifeless, and badly textured. ayurvedic hair treatment has solutions for these hairy problems. If you wish to know how to improve hair texture with Ayurveda, have patience and keep reading till the end.

Life force or bodily dosha effects on hair

Ayurveda believes people have different doshas or life forces in their bodies that are amalgams of five elements (earth, fire, water, ether, and air). The different doshas are vata, pitta, and kapha.

Vata constitution makes hair dry and brittle. The hair of people with a pitta constitution gray prematurely and also experiences hair thinning. Kapha types have oily and heavy hair.

To acquire and maintain healthy hair texture, it's essential to balance these doshas or life forces.

Ayurvedic diet to improve hair texture

Like all other body organs, hair needs nutrients to sustain and thrive. Diet has an important role in improving and maintaining hair health. Below are some foods based on each dosha you should include in your diet, which may help you improve your hair texture:

Vata-type hair may benefit from foods that are warm and easy to digest, such as soups, porridge, and stews. Including healthy fats like ghee and olive oil may be an add-on.

For pitta constitutions avoiding spicy and fried food and consuming cooling and hydrating foods like cucumbers, leafy vegetables, and fruits will help.

Kapha people should avoid whole milk, cheese, and oily foods if they aim for healthy hair. Add more strong spices like ginger, pepper, etc. to your diet.

The digestive system is directly connected to hair health, and tackling the basic cause of hair problems eases finding the right hair care treatment.

Ayurvedic herbs to improve hair texture

Ashwagandha and Brahmi nourish the scalp and fortify hair roots, strengthening hair. These herbs are beneficial for vata constitution hair.

Pitta types benefit from Indian gooseberry(amla) and Shatavari; they are excellent cooling herbs, preventing hair loss and baldness.

Fenugreek and Tusli are best for kapha-type hair. These herbs balance excess oil secretion, inhibiting dandruff and stickiness.

Bhringraja, Jatamansi, shikakai, reetha, onion seeds, etc. are some herbs traditionally used in hair care.

Ayurveda addresses the basic cause of poor hair texture and treats it according to your bodily dosha.

Ayurvedic hair care practices

Hair oil massages: Routine hair oil massages form an inseparable part of ayurvedic hair fall therapy. It improves blood circulation, strengthens hair roots and shafts, and enhances hair texture.

Herbal hair masks: Hair growth promoter masks with ingredients like Bhringraj and Jatamansi nourish hair follicles, improve hair texture, and activate the regrowth of hair. Unlike oil, hair masks spread evenly on the scalp due to their thick consistency. They shouldn't be massaged forcefully; gentle massage will do. Some masks can be left overnight before shampooing them in the morning. Always read the directions that come with the products.

Change the way you live a little

Every ailment demands a change in lifestyle, similarly, we have practice for hair problems.

Manage stress, the basic cause of hair loss and baldness. Yoga, pranayama, and calming poses help manage stress. Stress plays a spoilsport in hair health.

Do you get adequate and better sleep? If not, it may be a reason your hair is dull and lusterless. Hair loss is common in people who lack sleep. Peaceful sleep is important for the body's natural repair and revival process including hair health. Snooze for at least 7 to 8 hours a day.

Exercise at the gym or practice light yoga. Physical activities are not only good for your body but it also works well for hair health.

Down enough water to keep your body hydrated. Hydration level affects hair texture also.


Improving hair texture with Ayurveda is an approach that requires balancing doshas by altering your diet, using herbs, and hair care practices, and changing your lifestyle. You can flaunt healthier, shinier, and more manageable hair by following ayurvedic principles in your daily life. While choosing hair care products, look for good brands, and herbal ingredients, focusing on your body constitution.

So, improve hair texture and flaunt a new hairstyle every day.